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Tool #8: YouTube

If it weren’t for YouTube, Blockbuster wouldn’t have shut it’s doors a few weeks ago. Can I empirically back up this statement? Absolutely not. But, hey, this is a blog; not an academic paper. I get to pontificate without citing

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Tool #7: Audacity

My former roommate, Derek, who works on the film side at Fort Worth’s Red Productions, recently told me that audio is the last step in film-making. That syncing the audio and determining how long and which parts of songs to

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Tool #6: Google Maps

Google Maps is more than an application for driving directions on your smartphone or finding a place to eat dinner. The additional features – all of which sync to a users other applications in the Google suite – separate Google

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Jon Stewart criticizes Rand Paul: Wikipedia — Tool #2

In this clip from Jon Stewart’s show (I wouldn’t want to fail to mention the source), U.S. Senator Rand Paul is criticized for his plot summary of a movie that is quite similar to that found on the movie’s Wikipedia

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The Wire: Tool #1

“The Wire” is the name All Saints’ Dean of Upper School Students gave to our school’s version of Wipple Hill, a program specifically designed for private k-12 schools. Just as I was new to All Saints’ this fall, so was

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10 tools: better late than never…

I’ll admit it: I’m a serial procrastinator. I have trouble maintaining focus. Whether it’s a blue jay outside my window or a tweet on my smartphone, the modern young professional has a lot of activities competing for one’s attention in

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How many tests must students fail before the methods are questioned?

Do public schools really need to burn increasing amounts of instruction days to take state-mandated tests? How much quantitative data must lawmakers see to separate “dumb” and “smart” districts. If it takes 10 graphs to get the point across, perhaps

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