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10 Tools Conclusions

After diving deep into a variety of educational tools, not all known for their educational prowess , I’m amazed – check that, overwhelmed – by the availability of technology to educators. Some of these technology providers, such as LinkedIn, are

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Tool #10: Prezi

Prezi: PowerPoint ::┬áMac: PC Prezi is like PowerPoint’s big brother who went off to college in California, and now works for a start-up in Silicon Valley with bean bag chairs instead of office furniture. Cooler, sleeker, hipper, more flexible. BETTER.

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Tool #9: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a tool that I like but don’t love. LinkedIn has huge potential for education, but largely has not been effectively utilized because of its limited flexibility. For example, many groups – which are perfect for educational uses –

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Tool #8: YouTube

If it weren’t for YouTube, Blockbuster wouldn’t have shut it’s doors a few weeks ago. Can I empirically back up this statement? Absolutely not. But, hey, this is a blog; not an academic paper. I get to pontificate without citing

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Tool #7: Audacity

My former roommate, Derek, who works on the film side at Fort Worth’s Red Productions, recently told me that audio is the last step in film-making. That syncing the audio and determining how long and which parts of songs to

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Tool #6: Google Maps

Google Maps is more than an application for driving directions on your smartphone or finding a place to eat dinner. The additional features – all of which sync to a users other applications in the Google suite – separate Google

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Tool #5: Words With Friends

For some, it might be a bit difficult to see Words With Friends (WWF) as an educational application. At the same time, it’s extremely easy to see. It’s an interactive exercise at using the English language. Like many other smartphone

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