In Conclusion…

After seeing all the portfolios of my peers, the vastness of technologies and varied interests of fellow aspiring educational leaders is quite interesting. Given my limited use of Pinterest, it’s pretty amazing to me how many lesson ideas are shared and used by early childhood educators on this platform. Nearly every student mentioned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. The reason I think these social networks are so important is that students are already on them for non-school purposes. We talk in education a lot about “meet students where they are.” Well, they’re all over screens – tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. Adding an engaging educational element will make both students and the software platforms themselves better. What if there were more educational articles shared an less selflies shared on Twitter? Would the world not be a better place? I should think so. What if educational technologies were so well-utilized on smartphones that students took a break from their phones outside of school and instead talked to their friends face-to-face and played outside? Wouldn’t that be nice… I don’t think it’s impossible.

What if students documented their study broad and field trips – with pictures, sound recordings, and videos – on smart phone and iPad apps as they went, instead of a traditional journal and a lengthy paper at the end? Would that not be more educational, comprehensive, meaningful, and engaging?

What if students used a hashtag unique to a class they were taking, in real-time, when they saw a real-world application to class while going about their every day life? What if students used hashtags for both classes and @ mentioned their academic college within the university when they saw a parallel between two classes, and professors in that college reviewed the @ mentions and hastags daily? 

What if Google overtakes Pearson and other educational giants – primarily known for gargantuan textbook revenue – to become the authority in providing educational content and technology?

I believe all these things are quite possible, some even likely in the near future. I intend to use my exposure to and interest in this subject to help realize “what if’s.” Even if ideas this drastic aren’t for the best, at the very least, all students studying education should have contact with these ideas and possibilities for educational technology.


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