Tool #9: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a tool that I like but don’t love. LinkedIn has huge potential for education, but largely has not been effectively utilized because of its limited flexibility. For example, many groups – which are perfect for educational uses – send daily or weekly “digest” emails summarizing activity in the group. However, if a link to an article is included in a post on that digest email, one must first login to LinkedIn before navigating to the article. As is often the case when a login screen interrupts the navigation stream, you are often directed to the improper page. Even if you get there, it’s a pretty arduous process simply to view an article you may or may not be interested in. Add to this the annoyance of typing in login information into a smart phone keyboard, and we’re talking some seriously missed connectivity.

I find this to be a real shame, as LinkedIn could be a really good avenue to showcase one’s education to a prospective employer or graduate school ,or even undergraduate school. Many college students upload the courses they take to their LinkedIn profile, and, unlike Twitter and Facebook, few students would be silly enough to include potentially harmful content on their LinkedIn profile. If colleges required students to maintain a portfolio of their work on LinkedIn as they went through their education, I think it would greatly enhance their search for employment. It’s a great tool, but I believe the software needs significant changes before it will approach its potential as an asset in education.

PS – This assignment was adapted from Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge:

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