Tool #8: YouTube

If it weren’t for YouTube, Blockbuster wouldn’t have shut it’s doors a few weeks ago. Can I empirically back up this statement? Absolutely not. But, hey, this is a blog; not an academic paper. I get to pontificate without citing my proof. What a deal!

YouTube was founded by a few programmers who formerly worked for PayPal and was absolutely game-changing. If Netflix (who arguably DIRECTLY put Blockbuster out of business with a little help from Redbox) hadn’t begun to offer streaming video rentals in addition to DVDs sent in the mail, I think Netflix would have perished as well. YouTube rethought video. Video was formerly thought of as as data stored in a local device (a DVD or VHS) and broadcast on a TV. YouTube, however, decided the video data didn’t have to be on a local physical object, but, instead, a remote server accessible anywhere in the world. With the addition of high-speed internet – now fast enough also on smartphones – the infrastructure was in place for this revolutionary idea.

YouTube loads quickly with the right connection speed, is user-friendly with multiple video quality settings, full-screen option, audio level control for each video, etc. It is extremely rare for a video to have an error. Especially for longer videos, such as a 2-hour lecture, this reliability is extremely important. Many colleges post guest lecturers and other events on campus to their university’s YouTube channel. Because Google owns YouTube, the video streaming site integrates seamlessly with other Google products.

PS – This assignment was adapted from Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge:

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