Tool #10: Prezi

Prezi: PowerPoint :: Mac: PC

Prezi is like PowerPoint’s big brother who went off to college in California, and now works for a start-up in Silicon Valley with bean bag chairs instead of office furniture. Cooler, sleeker, hipper, more flexible. BETTER.

Really the only downside to Prezi is that it takes a long time to make one. A 10-12 slide PowerPoint can be created in 1-2 hours. Pick a theme and throw on some text and a picture here or there.

With Prezi, to do it right, you have to plan out the layout of the slides and spend some significant time on the transitions. However, the functionality is incredible. Embedding YouTube videos is a flash; just type in the link and there it is on your slide. The layout of the video is clear and visually-appealing. The same is true for incorporating pictures.

There have been articles in recent years discussing “Death by PowerPoint” ( Evidently, PowerPoint presentations, and very lengthy, poorly-designed ones according to this author, are used all too frequently in the military.

Education has a lot in common with the military: large, institutional, hierarchical, clumsy, slow to adapt, expensive, etc.

Therefore, educators presenting to students and students presenting to their peers should be quite careful to avoid killing each other with  boring PowerPoint presentations.

Step 1? Use Prezi…


PS – This assignment was adapted from Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge:

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