The Wire: Tool #1

“The Wire” is the name All Saints’ Dean of Upper School Students gave to our school’s version of Wipple Hill, a program specifically designed for private k-12 schools. Just as I was new to All Saints’ this fall, so was The Wire. This software is now home to most internal and external communication, including announcements, assignments, and grades. The pages look clean; it’s “sexy” for lack of a better term.

Here is a screenshot of the College Advising “activities” page I manage:



As you can see, we are able to mix pictures and embedded YouTube video (no uploading necessary) with the essential information in text, like when college representatives are visiting the school.

The previous system the school used was more functional but less visually-appealing. There has been some push-back from teachers and administrators about adapting to this new software, but I’ve been pretty impressed overall. Wipple Hill may have exaggerated some features; messaging is an example. We are encouraged to use the Wire to communicate but there is no option to do anything but “reply all” and you can’t include an attachment.

The software is a heck of a lot better than and much, much, much cheaper! I think it will be fully-embraced once the hiccups are resolved the school community uses it for a few more months. Time will tell…

PS – This assignment was adapted from Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge:

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